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2 Harry Potter OC-centric drabbles/ficlets

Title- Sorting
Rating- PG
Characters- Ellie O'Connell (OFC), Shenandoah O'Connell (OMC)
Pairing- none
Word Count- 100

Ellie sighed, squirming excitedly in her seat as she watched the line of first years waiting to be sorted. Her brother was in that line, and her eyes had locked onto him almost immediately, his shoulder length black hair messed up and sticking out from where he was running his hands through it, an obvious sign that he was doing his best not to panic. He locked eyes with her and smiled weakly, obviously worrying more than he needed to. 'Relax,' she mouthed, grinning at him. She knew he would be fine, no matter what house he ended up in.

Title- Ballycastle Fans
Rating- PG
Characters- Ellie O'Connell (OFC), Christina O'Connell (OFC)
Pairing- none
Word Count- 153

Ellie sat on the floor in front of the wireless, grinning like a cheshire cat. "Come on, Bats!" she shouted gleefully as her mother rolled her eyes.

"I don't see what's so special about Quidditch, amazing as it may beto watch a game played on brooms," Christina muttered as she handed Ellie her sandwich.

"It's like... you and baskyball, or whatever that American thing you like's called. And the Bats are the best team ever, Mum. And Finbar Quigley's got a shot at making the Irish National team, if he plays well enough," Ellie replied patiently but earnestly. "Did you know that he's considered one of the best Quidditch players in the League for his position?"

"I can't say that I did, no," her mother replied, half-smiling at Ellie's enthusiasm. The conversation ended right after, as Quigley made a particularly amazing play and Ellie became wrapped up in listening to the game again.