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I love my life right now.

Okay, so first off, I love Thursdays. And secondly, I lovelovelove season 4 of Supernatural. And I love my fanfic!muse like crazy because I'm writing, like, all the time lately on this epic crossover fic. And I'm gonna explain better about all this behind the lj-cut, so I don't have an epic paragraph spamming my friends-list.

Thursdays- I talk to my boyfriend on the phone in the afternoon/evening, because the rest of the week he is crazy busy and I can't guarantee that I'll get to talk to him on the weekends- the only other time he seems to have free- because my mom expects things to get done on the weekends. I watch my show [Supernatural, obviously] at nine. I spazz for an hour or two and then usually end up with twenty more plotbunnies. (Had I mentioned the talking-with-the-wonderful-and-often-helpful-boyfriend? Because tonight he totally gave me an EPIC plot idea for a fic I'm working on and stuff. And we babble about music at each other and sometimes end up singing Metallica or Three Days Grace together [today it was Animal I Have Become and then a bunch of songs from Lion King and now I totally have to watch that again because I actually remember the words to Hakuna Matata [did I spell that right?] and omg. My favorite movie from my childhood is begging me to rewatch it, seriously.)

Supernatural- CASTIEL. OMG EPIC ANGEL OF AWESOMENESS. And the Epic Shadow Wings of Epicness and Doom!!!!! *flail* and I have a new ship for Supernatural now, and I really am horrible for shipping an ANGEL with anyone, but, um, seriously, it's so much better and healthier for the characters than my previous OTP so this is good, right? I'm not sure.... I think so, though.

Fanfic muse and crossover of epicness- I am writing like CRAZY lately, and if I'm not writing I'm thinking about plot and details and how to write bits that are stuck in my head and OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME. And I have ideas for, like, five other fics, too, but most of it is for the EPIC CROSSOVER that I am totally going to actually, y'know, finish and post and OMFG this is so much fun to write, seriously.

I shouldn't post to LJ when hyper. Ever. O.o that was vaguely babble-y.