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A music thingy, because I am bored.

Yeah, so, I'm having an oddly boring day. Computer's too warm to play games on, but not so warm I have to shut it down, and not much is going on, and I got bored while waiting for a friend to post on an RP forum so things can keep moving.

So... I went looking for music shuffle quiz meme things. (Yes, I fail at explaining things.)

The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
Song: Blood (Empty Promises)
Artist: Papa Roach
Comment: No comment, too puzzled.

Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
Song: By The Way
Artist: Hinder
Comment: ... wouldn't surprise me. I certainly overuse it when sober, at least.

Your message to the world:
Song: Over And Over
Artist: Three Days Grace
Comment: Well, I have been feeling like the days are on repeat. Blargh.

Your deepest secret:
Song: If Today Was Your Last Day
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: ............this worries me a little.

Your innermost desire:
Song: Lay Your Hands On Me
Artist: Bon Jovi
Comment: ......oddly appropriate. Excuse me, I need to fish my mind out of the gutter.

Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
Song: Gotta Be Somebody
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: ...hmm.

On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
Song: Livin' On A Prayer
Artist: Bon Jovi
Comment: .....yeah, a little too fitting. My MP3 player is trying to creep me out, I think... >.> <.< ..... it knows.

Your friends say behind your back:
Song: Getting Away With Murder
Artist: Papa Roach
Comment: So.... do they want to kill me, or do they think I killed someone? Neither is particularly nice.

You say behind your friends' back:
Song: Far Away
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: ....yeah, some of my friends ARE far away, so that's fitting. :-(

When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
Song: Scars
Artist: Papa Roach.
Comment: .....actually, it's usually "shiiiiiiiiiit. where's my coffee?", but, um... close enough?

If you found yourself lost on a desert island, you'd yell:
Song: Better Than Me
Artist: Hinder
Comment: That makes no sense whatsoever.

Right now, your feelings are:
Song: Next Go Round
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: .......No, mp3 player, I am not.... er.... *looks for a word/euphemism that won't make me blush* (If you've heard this song... you get what I'm saying.)

What's your excuse for reposting this:
Song: Side Of A Bullet
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: ......... The guy with the gun told me to?

Your life's soundtrack:
Song: All These Lives
Artist: Daughtry
Comment: ........Wow, this is morbid.

The day you fall in love will be the day that:
Song: My Own Prison
Artist: Creed
Comment: ......great, I'm going to prison when I fall in love with someone?

You scream during sex:
Song: Bullets
Artist: Creed
Comment: .......

What do people assume when they first look at you?
Track: Time Is Running Out
Artist: Papa Roach
Comment: Okay, this is making me sound like a serial killer.

What will be a big challenge in life for you?
Track: Animals
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: ............

Are you a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
Song: Dirty Little Thing
Artist: Velvet Revolver
Comment: ...........Is that a yes or a no, though?

Do you have a secret admirer?
Song: Take Me
Artist: Papa Roach
Comment:Well, that one sounds like a 'yes'.

Will you ever become manically depressed in your life?
Song: Nothin' Good About Goodbye
Artist: Hinder
Comment: Apparently so- over a troublesome breakup.

How will you die?
Song: Where Do I Hide
Artist: Nickelback
Comment: ....on the run, most likely from the police judging by the rest of the answers so far.

Is someone trying to kill you?
Song: Numb
Artist: Linkin Park
Comment: ..........Maybe?

What's for dinner tonight?
Song: I'll Be There For You
Artist: Bon Jovi
Comment: ..........No idea, but I'm not eating alone.

A brief summary of the answers, in my interpretation- I am, apparently, a serial killer, possibly with sexual undertones, and will be caught when I fall in love (turned in?), but go on the run and eventually die, possibly by freezing to death.
My mp3 played is incredibly morbid, I think. Note to self, don't do this often, it makes you wonder about very strange things.