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Mildly late meme post....

Taken fromleskuh  . Warning, may contain spoilers if you've never seen/read some of the series/books/etc. involved, though only minimal ones.

1. List your top seven ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your favorite.
3. Name their fandom.
4. Supply photos for said people.

7. Tank/Frances, from The Sims 2 and more specifically the story Strangetown, Here We Come by strange_tomato . I'm not even sure why I like this one, to be honest. Maybe because it forces Tank to reconsider a lot of things about himself/his worldview (as being around Frances to begin with already has in S,HWC)? Maybe because I like that it starts with Tank far out of his 'comfort zone' in a way, and makes him grow as a character.... I don't really know. There's just something about the idea that fascinates me.

6. Remus/Sirius, from Harry Potter. There's a lot of subtext for this in the books, first of all... if you look close enough. But, more importantly, they just... fit together. It's like, say you have a close friend- someone you've know for several years, at least, and have been close friends with for a while- and one day, it just... progresses to something more, but at the core of it, you're still friends as much as anything else. That's how I've always seen these two, and that's why I think it works.

Fanart by Fiendling.

5.Gaius Baltar/Six, from Battlestar Galactica. This is one of my newest obsessions, both the series and the ship, but they are epic and awesome. I love how they both have these... hallucinations, I guess?... where the other is there, tossing their opinions into conversations and stuff and making the both of them seem kind of crazy, but there's more to it than that... there's just something about them as a pair that makes me like them, though it's not exactly a healthy or perfect relationship for either of them.

4. Aragorn/Arwen, from LOTR. I never really got into LOTR fandom (too much detail to remember just to read most fanfics), but I squee whenever I re-watch the movies because of these two (and would do the same rereading the books... if I ever reread them, my To Read list just keeps growing and I can't find the time...). I can't even explain why I like them so much, it's like... they just ARE and it makes me happy because they're perfect for each other, though I couldn't explain why if you asked me.

3. Han/Leia, from Star Wars. There's a definite spark there, from the moment they meet- even the first time I watched the movies, I saw it. Like most of my favorite ships, there's a bit of a love/hate  feeling to it early on, and a lot of passion to the relationship.

2. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, from Harry Potter. To some, it seems crazy, but it somewhat defines my shipping tendencies- I love to pair rivals together, and see what it takes to get them from hatred to love. Add in the fact that I've always seen Harry as gay and Draco as either bi or gay(harder to tell as we can't see inside his head), and that nothing in day-to-day life seems to get Harry riled up quite the way Draco does... Well, it'd be passionate, certainly. And once they overcome their differences- not easy, but possible, in my opinion- they'd make quite a good couple.

I know, I know, pic from Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone. Old and shows them as 11-year-olds, but it was the best one from the movies I could find, sadly.

Art by Sherant.

There's tons of fanart out there... yet for some reason, all my links to fanart are dead, except that one... odd.

1. Rogue/Gambit, from X-men. I can't even explain this one, you have to have seen it, really, but they were EPIC and AWESOME together, despite all the obstacles, and I always feel bad I never got deeper into X-men fandom than I did (not very, that is) because of this pairing, and how much I love it. These two were the first pairing I ever shipped, back when I would watch the X-men cartoon on TV as a kid in the mid-to-late-90s... back before I knew there were such things as "fandoms" and whole communities and stuff.

There was this... tension, this underlying passion in their every interaction, and I think that's what made me like them more than anyone else on the show- and like them together most of all.

I, er, sort of forgot I'd intended to do this. But here it is. And I could probably have filled this list with Harry Potter ships, but that would feel vaguely unfair, especially since none of them really get that top spot in my favorite ship list. Second place, sure, but I was shipping Rogue/Gambit before I knew what shipping was, after all.


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Jan. 27th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
Ooooh! This is cool!!!!
*laughs at the remus/sirius 'trying to study' one*

Can I be a copycat and steal this from you???
Jan. 29th, 2009 05:17 am (UTC)
Hee, that's been one of my favorites since I first saw it. It was my desktop background once...

Of course you can steal it!
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