August 22nd, 2012


On the list of things I never expected to happen...

I've just written 620 words of fanfic for a commercial*. A commercial which is about a minute long, and yet has epic rivalry, homoerotic looks and shoving and obsession, near-future sci-fi, and my favorite sport ever. And which somehow inspired me to write in present tense, which is either due to the energy of it, the sports aspect, or the near-future sci-fi thing. Despite this, I have high hopes. Or possibly that feeling might be terror. Anyway, the fic is... quite clearly not done yet, but I think if I'm lucky it won't be more than 2K or so. I'm tempted to toss what I have so far up on AO3 as is, but... idk, I hate doing that with unfinished fic.

*Link does not go to the commercial. Link goes to the post at fault for my noticing the commercial, which has a link to the commercial.

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