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White Collar 4x07

I cannot possibly be the only one who thought that staging-the-cheating-pictures scene was the most OT4-shippy thing this show has ever given us. Poly subtext all over the place- El watching, El giving them tips, El being generally amused and for the whole thing, etc. I think I'm going to need to rewatch this episode, I spent most of that scene in flaily shippy hysterics- squeaking, squeeing, laughing my ass off, bouncing around the room, etc- and therefore missed much of the brilliance, but... okay, WC fandom has frequently asserted that El would be totally cool with Peter/Neal, or with a poly relationship, and... at first that was just based on the honesty in the Peter/El relationship and a general impression of her character.

But this, I think, proves something. At the very least, it proves El is absolutely amazing, not that I've ever doubted that.

So yeah. Peter/El/Neal/Sara OT4, plz? Can this please, please, please be a thing on the show? Or, y'know, at least can we have more shiptastic OT4 episodes like this?

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