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Doctor Who has taken over my brain.

So, I've spent the past month or so neck-deep in Doctor Who. I'm not even sure what spurred it on- I've been lurking in the fandom since before series 5 started, and have been meaning to actually watch the show for about as long if not longer. But something (probably River Song) made me finally actually watch. I've seen most of series 1, all of series 5, and significant portions of series 6. I've asked for all the DVDs for Christmas, hoping someone gets me some of them.

None of that is the crazy part, though. Lurking in fandoms without watching the show is becoming normal for me, and so is mainlining the show once I finally get around to watching it. No, the crazy part is that this fandom has me learning to vid, because music is now all about Doctor/River for me* and I am downloading fanmixes and fanvids and whatnot like crazy and everything is Doctor/River omg. But one song struck me particularly, as in I knew exactly what clips from which episodes I wanted to see put to certain lines, and as everyone knows, the best way to do something to one's specifications is to do it oneself.

Anyway, here's what I said about it on my tumblr-
Sometimes I hate my brain. I stumbled across a fanmix- for either Doctor/River or just River- that had Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf as one of the songs. And the first time through, listening to it (the first time I've heard this song, for reference), my brain is practically flashing clips of Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead, and Let's Kill Hitler at me during the chorus. Which, okay, no big deal, right? Except my first thought is "that would be an awesome vid". Also no big deal, right? Except I am not a vidder. I cannot vid. My knowledge of vidding is nonexistant.

But, guys, this vid would be so cool, and I want to make it so bad. So, uh. I think I'm going to learn to vid. (I blame the Doctor. It's his fault, clearly. Or, well, it'll be clear that it's his fault once I get the vid done, but, trust me, from the vid-in-my-head [which will hopefully be what the actual vid ends up being], it is clearly the Doctor's fault I'm doing this. And I'm babbling and probably sounding progressively less sane, so...)

Here. Have a gif to distract you all from my lack of sanity.

So, yes, I am learning to vid. Be very afraid, for this shall involve much swearing and far more headaches than I've ever had, and also probably me rewatching every bit of Let's Kill Hitler a thousand times, given how much of it I intend to use. I may have to blow things up (it's cathartic) or at least thump my computer a lot (percussive maintenance, gotta love it). I may also have to find an excuse to use River shooting the fez, because I love that bit so much. (River is my favorite ever, though second place so far is a tie between Amy, Rory, Jack, and Rose. The Doctor comes in third, tying with the TARDIS who is the awesomest space-and-time ship in the universe. And, as the above gif may suggest, I like Eleven best, but I do adore Nine and Ten as well. Nine's manic grin always makes me smile. And Ten is adorkable. But Eleven is, as they say, my Doctor. And he's sexy, which is always a bonus. [Even in the bowtie and the utterly dorky jacket and suspenders. Even in the fez, which is cute but utterly ridiculous. And especially in that Stetson, or in the tux and top hat he wore to Amy's wedding.])

* (on a random and not really related note- I multiship the Doctor, but Doctor/River is my favorite. Doctor/Rose? Yes please. Doctor/Jack? Absolutely, though only pre-Ianto [CoE never happened and you can't convince me otherwise]. Doctor/Master? Hell yes. Doctor/Martha? I can be convinced! And may well be, once I've seen her episodes. I even kind of like Doctor/Amy/Rory, though it's... sort of awkward now that we know he's married to their daughter, even if I'm reading fics I know were written when we barely knew River.)

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