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Arr, matey.

Aye, so I figure if I only talk like a pirate a wee bit, I will neither feel guilty fer nay doin` so nor feel silly fer doin` so constantly. An' so, this be me obligatory pirate-speak entry.
Mostly real life stuff ahead, translated into th' dialect o' piracy.

I haven`t been doin` much lately, jus' readin` stuff on th` internet. Oh, an' gettin` meself unnecessarily excited about season premieres comin` soon. Mostly Supernatural, but also Bones an' NCIS. I plan t` watch Pirates o` th` Caribbean later, an' quote 't at swabbies a lot. (By `swabbies` I mostly mean me mom.)

I be savin` up fer a new computer- nay t` replace Wilson, but a desktop fer gamin`. An' a matey o` mine be goin` t` teach me t` drive, so I suppose I ortin' ta save fer a car, too...

Anyway, that's pretty much everythin' interestin' I have t' say. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys. And thanks t' th' translator here an' here fer th' help bein' pirate-y today.

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