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AU bingo! Yay!

Writing! I am going to actually do some! And I love my bingo card! So many awesome prompts and now I need to decide what fandoms to do for each of them and asdfghjkl; this will be so awesome. I <3 au_bingo.

Other: Actors Other: Celebrities Historical: 1960's Historical: World War I Fantasy & Supernatural: Myth and Legend
Historical: Regency Future: Utopia Fantasy & Supernatural: Witches and Wizards Fantasy & Supernatural: Vampires Other: Sports
Other: Mundane Historical: Medieval Europe FREE Historical: Author’s Choice Future: Cyberpunk
Alternate History: Personal life of a character changed Other: Crossover Future: Dystopia Other: Steampunk Fantasy & Supernatural: The Afterlife
Alternate History: Canon event changed Other: Mutants Historical: World War II Fantasy & Supernatural: Werewolves Fantasy & Supernatural: Sword and Sorcery

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