On the list of things I never expected to happen...

I've just written 620 words of fanfic for a commercial*. A commercial which is about a minute long, and yet has epic rivalry, homoerotic looks and shoving and obsession, near-future sci-fi, and my favorite sport ever. And which somehow inspired me to write in present tense, which is either due to the energy of it, the sports aspect, or the near-future sci-fi thing. Despite this, I have high hopes. Or possibly that feeling might be terror. Anyway, the fic is... quite clearly not done yet, but I think if I'm lucky it won't be more than 2K or so. I'm tempted to toss what I have so far up on AO3 as is, but... idk, I hate doing that with unfinished fic.

*Link does not go to the commercial. Link goes to the post at fault for my noticing the commercial, which has a link to the commercial.

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riverXdoctor kiss

Doctor Who has taken over my brain.

So, I've spent the past month or so neck-deep in Doctor Who. I'm not even sure what spurred it on- I've been lurking in the fandom since before series 5 started, and have been meaning to actually watch the show for about as long if not longer. But something (probably River Song) made me finally actually watch. I've seen most of series 1, all of series 5, and significant portions of series 6. I've asked for all the DVDs for Christmas, hoping someone gets me some of them.

None of that is the crazy part, though. Lurking in fandoms without watching the show is becoming normal for me, and so is mainlining the show once I finally get around to watching it. No, the crazy part is that this fandom has me learning to vid, because music is now all about Doctor/River for me* and I am downloading fanmixes and fanvids and whatnot like crazy and everything is Doctor/River omg. But one song struck me particularly, as in I knew exactly what clips from which episodes I wanted to see put to certain lines, and as everyone knows, the best way to do something to one's specifications is to do it oneself.

Anyway, here's what I said about it on my tumblr-Collapse )

* (on a random and not really related note- I multiship the Doctor, but Doctor/River is my favorite. Doctor/Rose? Yes please. Doctor/Jack? Absolutely, though only pre-Ianto [CoE never happened and you can't convince me otherwise]. Doctor/Master? Hell yes. Doctor/Martha? I can be convinced! And may well be, once I've seen her episodes. I even kind of like Doctor/Amy/Rory, though it's... sort of awkward now that we know he's married to their daughter, even if I'm reading fics I know were written when we barely knew River.)

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And now for a new feature* of my journal- eggspam! From pokefarm, in this case.

Party image

*(May be for a limited time only. Or possibly forever. Pokefarm is addictive, guys. I love it.)
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Saw X-Men: First Class yesterday.

And, OMG, so slashy. I mean, okay, I have been an X-Men fan since childhood. I watched the 90s cartoon as it aired, tried to keep up with the comics when the cartoon ended (failed miserably because I'm bad at keeping track of comics), watched Evolution despite my misgivings about it (long story), and have seen every movie in theaters despite my annoyance with the first three. I have shipped Magneto and Professor X since I found the fandom at about age 14- about six years ago. I adore the both of them, though they are pretty far down on the list of my favorite characters.

And yet I have never wanted quite so desperately to read fic about them as I did after leaving the theater yesterday. Not, surprisingly, because they're young and hot (though, mmm, Magneto is hot)- I love them no matter their age- but because now I understand their love a lot better, and I'd like to see it explored. I'd especially like to see an AU where they stay together, work out the differences in philosophy to the point of an acceptable compromise, and, y'know, generally be So Very In Love forever, because, dear god, they are so adorable together.

Collapse )

In summary- GO SEE IT!!! It's not perfect, but it's very good- even if you're not interested in The Great Love Story Of Charles And Erik, the plot is worth it and the characters are fascinating.
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James Potter, Slytherin Prankster- Year One- Chapter 1

Title: James Potter, Slytherin Prankster- Year One
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: James Potter, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew
Category: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Cunning, ambition, cleverness, resourcefulness, and a disregard for the rules- Slytherin house was far from his ideal choice, but it suited him better than he expected. Follow James Potter and Severus Snape as they navigate unexpected sortings, friendships with Gryffindors, and the usual teenage drama. Starts in their first year at Hogwarts.
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine, I just like playing with Rowling's world and characters.

Chapter 1 @ AO3
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Writer's Block: Around the world

If you won a trip to anywhere, where would you go, and why?

Well, my first instinct is to say 'IRELAND!!' because I've always wanted to go there, but honestly, I think if I had the option to, I'd take a year-long tour of Europe-start with Ireland & the UK, then France and Spain (France has a lot of castles I'd like to see, especially), and then Italy and maybe Greece.

But if I could only choose one place, Ireland. Definitely.

Writer's Block: I'm in love with my car

If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

It's a toss up between two- a 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 in emerald green with silver stripes and a black interior, or a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang convertible, preferably in red. Those two are tied for the number one car that I want, but there's a good list of other cars that I'd love to have... just not quite as much as those.

One day, when I'm insanely rich, I will have more cars than I have time to drive, I suspect.

So, I am actually writing fic.

As in, regularly working on a WIP that I fully intend to post and probably even crosspost to a few communities. Which, okay, I haven't regularly worked on a fic in years- what little I write lately is one-shots, or part of RPs with my best friend- so this is... sort of exhilarating and so much fun that it's insane. And the best part is, it's something I can't wait to share but I'm holding back because usually when I share WIPs when I only have a few hundred words written, I end up abandoning them, and I want to finish this. But I am definitely going to share this thing, once I have a proper chapter or two written.

Anyway, 1800-some words and counting, still barely into the first chapter. I keep trying to get to the next scene and instead I write more banter between the two main characters, who were not supposed to become friends for several chapters but apparently one of them is a bit more willing to forgive at this point than he is in canon, which I'm chalking up to him being 11 and wanting to have friends other than his BFF as well as due to the fact that there aren't years of history of horridness between them at this point.

(Yes, this is the Slytherin!James AU I mentioned a few months ago. I'd've finished chapter one by now, I suspect, if December hadn't been batshit insane for me. Still might be a few months before I actually start posting it, at the rate I write at.)
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Somewhere in the wide world of the internet...

Ever had a brilliant loose concept for a fic, but no real plot and very little inclination to write it? Cause I do- all the time- and it's almost always a fairly basic idea that I would assume someone else has written, somewhere in the vast amount of fic on the internet. And nine times out of ten, I find nothing when I proceed to go look for it.

This time- and by this time, I mean the one on my mind at the moment, though the fic concept's been in my head for a while- it's a James/Lily/Severus OT3 AU longfic. I'd take anything, as long as the characterization's at least fanon-level believable and it's not love triangle fic, which seems to be the default with Lily, James, and Severus. I want to see them raising Harry together, along with Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot (and maybe Uncle Regulus, because my personal fanon says that Severus and Regulus were friends, though not really BFFs or anything). Maybe they run off and go deep into hiding together. Maybe Sev never gave Voldemort the prophecy. Maybe Sev was never a Death Eater at all. Maybe Sev and Lily are Ravenclaws, and Sev doesn't get targeted by the Marauders for being a Slytherin- or maybe James is the first Potter in centuries to be sorted into Slytherin, and, horrified though he is, he ends up striking up a friendship with Severus, fighting to keep Sirius from assuming the worst of Slytherin, and builds ties between the two houses at a time when the school desperately needs it.

......Damn. Now I want to write that last one.

Anyway, I think I was going somewhere with this but I have no idea where, other than random complaining, so I'll just... leave it here and go write mildly plausible AU fic.
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